Beachfront penthouse condo for rent by the week or month - Right on the beach at Gulf Shores, Alabama - 2 bedroom, 2 bath with huge balcony

Wyckoff's Southerncharm beach condo at Gulf Shores, Alabama

Our Recommendations.

Things to do, Places to Go...
If you get tired (!??!) of lying on the beach or relaxing on the balcony, there is lots to do in and around Gulf Shores. This link ( is a good starting point. It has a ton of information about the area attractions. There's Golf, Fishing Boat Charters, Parasailing, Ski-do rentals, Canoe and Kayak Trips, plus dozens of fabulous restaurants.

A few things that are NOT mentioned on the site, however, are:

Golf - Click here for a list of all the area golf courses

Buy Your Own Condo - Try this site for listings. If you manage your own rentals (like we do), you can actually "break even". Be aware, though that it takes a fair level of committment and work to be a successful "beach landlord". If you are considering buying, call me for an objective and realistic report; we've owned for 15 years and seen it all.

The Tanger Center - Outlet Mall in Foley - You saw it on your way into Gulf Shores on Rt. 59 and it is a wonderful mall. Bad news: you'll spend at least $200. Good news: you'll get stuff worth twice that. There's no way you're not going to visit. It's far less crowded when it's a "good beach day".

Fort Morgan - Go north on 59 to the second stoplight and follow the signs to Fort Morgan. It is a restored fort that once guarded the mouth of Mobile Bay. Worth the trip.

Dauphin Island by Car Ferry - From Fort Morgan, take a car ferry across the mouth of the Bay, then drive over the giant bridge that connects the mainland to the island and do a little exploring. The ferry trip is well worth the price.

The Battleship Alabama - Moored in Mobile Bay, the self-guided tour takes anywhere from an hour to three hours, depending on your level of interest. Take 59 north to I-10. West on I-10 across the bridge and you can't miss it on your left. It's a Battleship, after all. And as long as you are this far, after the Battleship, take I-10 to the Bankhead tunnel and visit Old Mobile. The historic district is just off Government Street as you emerge from the tunnel.

Gulf Shores State Park - Just east about 3 miles on Beach Boulevard, the State park is a wonderful place to hike about and look for birds and other wildlife. Bring your binoculars.

Pensacola Naval Air Museum - If you flew into Pensacola, be sure to stop by the Naval Air Museum before you go home. If you like airplanes, allow a couple of hours, at least. MAP.

New Orleans French Quarter - Is tomorrow going to be cloudy and you're just about "beached out"? Get up early and drive to New Orleans. It is about 2-1/2 hours away (east on I-10) and you can spend the whole day there and be back for the evening. New Orleans is one of the most enjoyable citys in the world. The French Quarter was mercifully untouched by Hurricane Ivan and is as vibrant as ever. Recommending a restaurant in New Orleans is ridiculous. Each is better than the next.

Our List of Favorites...

Two Great Restaurants: Cosmo's is our favorite all-around restaurant with every choice on the menu being excellent. During the summer months, go for dinner no later than 4:45 or you'll wait an hour for a table. The Original Oyster House on Rt. 59 is ever-popular. If you don't want to wait for a table there, you'll have to go at about 3:00. Everything is good at the Original Oyster House.

Really Good Seafood Gumbo: Mikee's Restaurant. One block north of Beach Boulevard, one block east of Rt. 59.

Best Cheeseburger: Bahama Bob's. No contest. just a couple of doors east. Also try the Grouper Pecan, it's a local favorite. To make them think your an old-timer, ask for a salad with "double dressing". If the waitress is new, she won't know what you're talking about, but "double dressing" is the House Vinagrette AND home-made Blue Cheese. Together they are wonderful.

Best Margarita: A tie. Bahama Bob's or The Pink Pony Pub. The Pink Pony is about a mile east, right on the beach. I like these two for their Margaritas because you can WALK HOME afterwards, LuLu's bar is outstanding, too.

Wonderful Steamed Seafood: Real close, real good. The Gulf Shores Steamer. Order anything. Be happy. It's worth it just to eat beneath the billowing "steam" from the awnings. The steamed Royal Reds (head-on huge shrinp) are the best on the island.

Best Nightspots: Try LuLu's. It's tucked away under the Rt.59 bridge. Turn off just north of the bridge follow the line of cars. Live music every night, good food, very cheerful and family-friendly. It closes at 10:00 and there's always a moderate wait for a table, so go early. Also, try The Hangout. You can walk and there's music almost every night.

Best Fish Sandwich: LuLu's, again. It is their most popular item and it is absoluely wonderful. Hey, get the Fried Green Tomatoes, too.

Best Italian Restaurant: Franco's Italian is about two miles east on Beach Blvd. in the shopping center on the left. some of the best Italian food ANYWHERE, and we're from Chicago!

Best Pizza: Janino's Pizza. After 30 years, there's finally really good pizza in Gulf Shores!

Best Fried Seafood Basket: The Shrimp Basket. It is about a block north of Beach Boulevard on Rt. 59.

Best Steamed Shrimp Anywhere: Billy's Seafood. Hard to find, but worth it. Billy's is the real deal. Address: P.O. BOX 309 BON SECOUR, AL 36511; PHONE: (251) 949-6288. Call for directions or see this MAP. When you get there, pick out a couple pounds of fresh shrimp and tell them to steam them "spicy". Eat them on the picnic tables right on the water. Yum.

Random Things I Know:
If you drink liquor, bring your own (unless you live in Alabama). Beer and wine are cheap in Alabama, but Scotch, Tequila, Vodka and Gin are OUTRAGEOUS. Liquor is somewhat less in Florida (only about 8 miles east) but not a lot.
If you own a pair of binoculars, bring them. You won't be sorry. You can look at the dolphins and the fishermen.
3. Almost nobody catches anything worth eating, fishing from the beach.
5. If your neighbors are loud and raucous late into the night, don't bother calling me; Call the POLICE (911). The cops come right away and it really gets their attention.

A Few Tips to Avoid Disaster on Your Vacation...

Sunscreen: Nothing ruins a week at the beach faster than a bad sunburn. If you burn yourself on the first day, you won't feel better until almost the end of the week. Buy lots of sunscreen, DO put it on EVERYWHERE 1/2 hour before going on the beach, and don't forget to cover your FEET with it. All those people you see limping into restaurants at dinner forgot to put sunscreen on their FEET. Use an SPF about 50% stronger than what you'd use on the golf course.

Red Flags on the Beach: When the surf and current are strong enough to warrant putting up a red flag on the beach, it REALLY IS TOO DANGEROUS TO SWIM. The rip-tides and undertows can be vicious and the only people who drown in Gulf Shores are the people who ignore the red flag warnings.

Jellyfish: Every once in a while, generally in the late fall but other times too, you'll see Jellyfish at the edge of the water. Our advice is just don't swim on those days. They'll probably be gone tomorrow. They won't kill you, but they are very hard to avoid when you are actually IN the water, and the sting hurts like the devil for three or four hours. If you do get stung, the best medicine is a paste made from a little water and a bunch of Adolph's Meat Tenderizer. Apply liberally to the sting.

Our Gulf Shores Alabama Vacation Beach Condo is available for rental ten months of the year. Stay at beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama and live in a luxury two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo on the Gulf of Mexico in Gulf Shores, Alabama with a balcony high above the white beach and the ocean.
It's five a.m. and you've had a wonderful night's sleep in your vacation rental condo at Gulf Shores.
With a mug of hot coffee in your hand, you walk the sugar beach alone. Really alone. There's no one else up at this hour, but it is precisely what you wanted. The coffee is perfect, you made it yourself in your Gulf Shores vacation beach condo's own gourmet kitchen.
The Gulf Shores beach is coming to life after the quiet night. Birds are getting their breakfast right out of the sea. The sand has all been smoothed and there is no evidence of the hundreds of people who trod it all day yesterday. You survey this from the balcony of the Wyckoff's Gulf Shores Beach Vacation Rental Condo.
After the walk, you'll gently wake your spouse with a southern breakfast of eggs, grits, sausage and gravy that you'll easily whip up in the well appointed kitchen.
What a beach. What a vacation. What a condo. Who would have thought that all this was available for a weekly rental. Next year, you'll rent two weeks.
Here's a different idea for your beach vacation this year. Rent our Gulf Shores beach vacation rental condo in the early spring and have the place (we mean the whole place) to yourself. Spring comes early to the Gulf Coast most years and the end of February is the perfect time for you if you like always getting a table for dinner without a wait. It's the perfect time for you if you like walking on a deserted beach and just reveling in your own thoughts without seeing a should you know.
Our Gulf Shores beach condo rental is available all year 'round for you to enjoy. Sometimes, a couple thousand people on the beach seems exciting and fun. Sometimes you wish they would all go home and leave the Gulf Shores, Alabama beach to you. Well, they do. In the late fall, Gulf Shores is a different place, too. Summer still lingers for a month or two longer than most places, but all the parents with children have gone home for the start of school.
Your Gulf Shores beach vacation rental condo is just as inviting as it was in July, but it is quieter now. The beach is yours almost all day. The rhythms of boom boxes on the beach have been replaced entirely by the rhythms of the waves and the wind and the occasional jumping fish. Doesn't get any better, really.
Fueled by the same warm Gulf Shores waters that you enjoyed swimming in all day, a thunderstorm passes by the 13th floor of your rental condo balcony at cocktail time. It seems to be putting on a show just for you. From this lofty perch in your beach vacation rental condo at Gulf Shores Alabama, it seems, indeed, that most things are put here entirely for your pleasure.
With a glass of wine in your hand on the balcony of the condo you rented in Gulf Shores, you marvel at nature's power and beauty, knowing that in half an hour the storm will pass and it will be time to dress for dinner at one of Gulf Shores finest restaurants.
Ah, the white sands and warm water of this beach vacation rental have lulled you into a state of pure relaxation. So much so that the wine is almost unnecessary. You drink it anyway. If the world still has troubles, they aren't bothering you now.
It is dusk on beach at your rental condo in Gulf Shores. The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico lap at the white sands and a gentle breeze cools your head. Your Gulf Shores beach condo rental is everything you ever imagined. Private. Luxurious. Affordable.
This year is the first year you've been able to travel with your spouse without the kids since the early 80's. Both of them are happily pursuing their own lives and now it's just the two of you. You had talked about what to do and where to go now that you finally have some real vacation time coming. There will be plenty of time for world travel, but for now, sitting on a balcony 150 feet above the water in Gulf Shores in a fabulous two bedroom 1,100 square foot vacation rental beach condo is just the ticket.
You can do exactly what you want. exactly when you want to do it. Check out the dozens of restaurants. Go crazy one afternoon and sign up for deep sea fishing. It's right down the road. Or spend an entire Thursday on the balcony of your rental condo in Gulf Shores with a good book. It's up to you.
The evenings are the best part of having a rental condo at Gulf Shores. When the lights twinkle on as the sun sets. The seagulls whirl in the last of the thermals. And another beautiful night's sleep awaits on the extra-thick king-sized bed that is right next to an open sliding glass door facing the water. Your Gulf Shores beach condo rental was a great idea.
Perched high above the white sands of Gulf Shores in your rental condo, you settle into our comfortable balcony chaise. You have a lovely drink in your hand and you are feeling pretty good about getting your family a beach vacation condo rental for this fabulous week.
Your family is tanned and happy. You are not bothered one bit by thoughts of work, or in fact, anyplace else. Time seems to be virtually standing still here in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Your rental condo is lovely in every detail and as luxurious as a five-star hotel. Yet there is no annoying staff to bother you and if you catch a fish on one of your early morning forays to the water's edge or the lagoon, you can cook it up yourself in a kitchen that is as well appointed as it is elegant.
As the afternoon fades into evening, you can hear the children playing their last game of volleyball on the beach. Someone is frying okra in the kitchen. You take another sip of your drink and pinch yourself, just to make sure your not dreaming. No, you are not dreaming. You are living the dream of a Gulf Shores condo rental vacation on the beach.