Beachfront penthouse condo for rent by the week or month - Right on the beach at Gulf Shores, Alabama - 2 bedroom, 2 bath with huge balcony

Wyckoff's Southerncharm beach condo at Gulf Shores, Alabama

Rules, Regulations, and Customs

Young Renters: We were once in college ourselves. We would have loved to rent a condo for a week then. Nobody would rent us one. Now we know why. If you're under 25, we won't rent you one either. If we find out that the unit is occupied by a group of under-25-year-olds, we will terminate the rental with no refund.

Maximum Occupancy: Our condo will sleep 4 adults in complete luxury. In a pinch, it will sleep 6 using the pull-out sofa. We absulutely cannot rent to parties larger than 6.

Children and Teenagers: Bring 'em. Love 'em. But watch 'em and don't let 'em wreck anything or annoy the neighbors. Teenagers are naturally exuberant (we know - we raised 6 of them ourselves). Letting them go to the steam room, sauna, or hot tub as a group, without a (real) adult, is ASKING for trouble. Impress upon them that they are guests in a $700,000 condo (they ARE) and that they should be CAREFUL. Please.

Parking: We own a reserved parking space in the covered portion of the second floor parking garage at the west end facing the Gulf (marked "P405"). Park you car there and nowhere else. You will be sent a "parking pass" to hang on your rear-view mirror that identifies your car as having a right to park in our space. If you bring more than one car, you will have to go to the office (303) and pay $10 for a guest pass and park the second car in the unreserved parking. If you drive a giant SUV, you may want to pay for outdoor parking as the indoor spaces are not really big enough for a Hummer; people seem to get their "Suburbans" in OK, however.

Pets: Due to condo association rules, renters may NOT have pets of any kind. You may see a Poodle or two during your stay–these belong to owners who are allowed to have their pets with them.

Carpets and Furniture: Our condo is carpeted, unlike many others in the building, which are tiled. The carpet makes the place quiet and beautiful. Please, do your best to not spill or track in sand and dirt. We actually deep-clean the carpets three times per year, but it would be helpful if everyone tried to keep them clean. Please do not sit on the furniture or the beds if you are covered in suntan oil. The stains don't show up for a week or two, but are very hard to get out. If you do have a spill, use the utility towels on the rack over the washing machine to clean them up, not the bath or face towels.

Beach Sand: It's why you came here, but leave it on the beach. There's a water hose on the walkway from the beach. Use it to clean the sand off you, your beach chairs and anything else you had down with you. Sand really wrecks carpeting, upholstry and sheets. If you see sandy footprints leading into a neighbor's condo, feel free to make that "tsk, tsk, tsk" sound while riding in the elevator with them. If you and the kids dig a really big hole at the beach, fill it in before you go up for the evening so night beach-walkers don't fall into it.

Smoking: We are unusual in that we do permit smoking, but PLEASE smoke only on the balcony and use a pop can or other deep container for an ashtray so your neighbors don't get showered with ashes when it's windy.

Security Deposit: Your $250 security deposit will be applied to your rental amount. We reserve the right to re-charge your credit card $250 in the case of damage or excessive cleaning fees due to spills, etc.

Elevators and Carts: The most expensive single system in our building is the elevator. It can't tolerate jumping, holding the door open for more than a few seconds, or sand or water. If you hear or see anybody jumping up and down in the elevator, call the office, 980-1823, immediately and tell them about it. If the elevator comes to your floor before the rest of your party is ready to get on it, DON'T hold the door open for them. Wait for the next one. Dry the kids off before letting them in the elevator so they don't drip excessively on the floor. Every time an elevator repairman has to come and fix the elevators, it inconveniences everyone and costs the owners HUNDREDS of dollars. The luggage carts are for everyone's convenience. They should NEVER be brought into the condo. Unload them from the hallway outside the door. When you are done, send one of the kids back down the elvator with it and leave it outside the elevator enclosure on the parking floor for the next person to use. It is considered "piggish" to bring one up to your condo on Friday night if you're not leaving until Saturday.

Noise: Your neighbors will greatly appreciate your efforts to keep noise to a minimum. Try really hard not to let the front door slam. Absolutely no loud parties, loud music, or loud voices. Especially on the balcony. This doesn't mean you have to creep around like a mouse–it's a vacation, after all. But if you get up at 5:00AM be considerate on don't let the door slam behind you on your way to the beignet shop. Likewise if you arrive after 10:00PM. NEVER shout down to the beach from the balcony - if THEY can hear you, so can the whole building... Slide the glass door slowly so they can't hear it downstairs. A little effort goes a long way toward making our building delightful for everyone. Don't be shy about complaining to the Meyer Realty Office (1-800-213-9544) if someone else is not following the rules. Also, don't be shy about calling the plice (911) if you see or hear something really serious.

The Balcony: You are 140+ feet above the beach. The balcony railing is quite strong, but DO NOT lean over it and DO NOT lean against it. It's a LONG WAY DOWN. Do not allow youngsters to be on the balcony unless an adult is with them. PLEASE do not hang anything (towels, bathing suits, flags, etc.) on the railing. It is strictly forbidden by the condo association. Also, no one has ever invented a sliding screen door that always stays on its track, so be gentle with it. If it comes off, do NOT try to put it back on unless you work for a sliding screen company.

Feeding the Birds: There is a $50 fine (from the City) for feeding the birds from a balcony. The security guard loves to catch people at it. It really DOES make a mess of the building, though, so DON'T. If your kids just can't be happy unless they are surrounded by 200 squawking seagulls, send them to the beach with some bread-crumbs and make sure they are away from everyone else on the beach.

Wind: Because of our elevation, there can be quite strong winds. You won't notice them UNLESS you open the back door while the sliding glass doors are open. Take care on windy days to close one before opening the other. On calmer days, there is no problem letting the breeze blow through from the open window in the guest bedroom to the open sliding glass doors. Just don't go to sleep with them wide open unless you're pretty sure it's not going to rain–there could be a storm during the night and you'll be surprised and WET.

Laundry: The linens and towels are clean when you arrive. They will not be cleaned during your stay by the maid service. You may, if you wish, wash them in the unit's washer and dryer during your stay. Do NOT leave more than 6 towels or 3 sets of sheets for the maid to wash. You will be charged $50 extra if you do.

Liability: We cannot be responsible for any mishaps that occur during your stay. By renting our condo, you agree to assume all liability for personal injury and property damage caused by you or your guests during your stay.

When You Leave: When you check out, please leave no food in the 'fridge and be sure the coffee pot is OFF. Strip the beds that have been slept in and leave the sheets on the floor. Clean the stovetop and empty all the trash. Turn the lights OFF. CLOSE and LOCK the windows and doors. Leave the thermostat set at 75° in the warm months and 65° if heat is required. Leave everything in the place you found it when you arrived. There is no need to vacuum, the maid will do that. If you are going to leave early (mcuh before 10:00 on Saturday, please call Mary (our maid) at 943-3655 so she can get an early start on the cleaning.

Cancellation Policy:
A. Cancellations more than 30 days prior to scheduled arrival will get a full refund of all charges EXCEPT the deposit, which is non-refundable.
B. Cancellations received from 30 to 7 days prior to scheduled arrival will be refunded 1/2 of the rental amount plus the cleaning fee.
C. No cancellations will be accepted later than 7 days prior to scheduled arrival date.
D. No refunds will be given in the event of bad weather UNLESS Gulf Shores is ordered evacuated or the condo becomes uninhabitable.

Ellen & Tom Wyckoff - 1203 E. Prairie Ave. - Wheaton, Illinois 60187     - 630-254-7605 -

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